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Questions to Ponder

Is your business important?

How much importance is paid towards maintenance?

Do you often wait until there is a crisis to attend to issue?

Do you know how hard your systems are working? - example a server fan is working hard due to an airflow problem, which in turn is costing you precious resources which is "Money"

Do you find yourself with vendors telling you that a certain process will solve the problem, only to find out that it made it worse or it wasn't part of the solution / problem?

Did you know that with the latest "state of the art" technology we can help you pin point (identify) future problems with our experience, tools and reporting packages.

When was the last time you looked at the critical infrastructure in detail as the attitude is that it costs money to maintain it (it is working so it must be okay), but in reality and extensive research that it has cost business 10 to 50 times the cost of the critical component failure.

You may ask again “Why should I do this?” Ask again – Why not? You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain for us to evaluate the deficiencies in the system. These are known as the hidden costs of doing business.
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Thermal imager is a part of Predictive maintenance program.

When critical operating systems unexpectedly malfunction, it inevitably increases costs, requiring the reallocation of manpower, material, reduction in productivity; if not corrected threatens profitability. According to R Keith Mobley the author of “An introduction to Predictive Maintenance”, eliminating unscheduled or unnecessary repairs would allow manufactures, processors and generators to reduce the need for corrective maintenance by as much as 90 percent over 5 years. Mobley also says that a successful predictive maintenance (PdM) program reduces the lifecycle cost and extends the useful life of critical systems by up to 60 percent, as well as increases manpower utilization by as much as 85 percent.

Since “HEAT” is often an early symptom of damage or malfunction, it’s a key performances value monitored in predictive maintenance (PdM) programs, Using Infrared imaging (Thermography) and other inspection technologies to monitor heat as part of a PdM program can help mitigate the impact of, or even prevent, failure prone electrical systems from going off line. Keeping production lines up and running maximizes efficiencies which lead to increased productivity. Increasing the bottom line of your business!

Infrared imaging can identify problems in a variety of plant systems and equipment, including electrical substations, transmissions, circuit breaker panels, motors, bearings detect dysfunctional Pumps and under performing surface heat exchangers and.

IR technology can be used to conduct thousands of different types of measurements, including:

1. Measurements of hard-to-reach locations quickly, such as HVAC supply diffusers.
2. Electrical Panels, Power distribution and Feeders.
3. Locating hot spots in live electrical circuits safely and efficiently.
4. Checking multiple points easily from one location, saving time and money.
5. Implementing preventative maintenance programs for many tasks, like monitoring motors, fuse blocks, bus bars etc… ALL WITHOUT A POWER SHUTDOWN !!!