Because of pollution there are very high level of fine particles in the atmosphere, which can affect health of all living being seriously and can cause lung cancer, birth defects, asthma, cardiovascular issues, respiratory diseases, lung cancer, other cardiopulmonary mortality and premature death.

Dust is a major cause of concern for any enclosed air cooled commercial or residential building. Over a period of operations a large amount of dust tent to get accumulated in air ducting system. These Dust Mites inflicts severe skin irritation that can cause intense itching, inconvenience to the associates who have allergic problems or asthma.

Dust is made up of a vast array of materials. Most of the materials are not good, such as; soot, dander, sand, smoke, fibers, insects, hair, not to mention chemical fumes. One cubic inch of air could contain as much as 100,000 particles of dust. Worse yet, each piece of dust can contain thousands of germs.

The particle matter of ~10 microns or less (PM10) can penetrate into the deepest part of the lungs such as the bronchioles or alveoli. Particles of larger size are filtered in the nose and throat via cilia and mucus. Particulate matter which is smaller than about 10 micrometers (PM10) in size will settle in the bronchi and lungs and cause health problems.

The Particulate matters which are of 5 to 10 microns in size can’t be filtered by the AHU filters and tends to get in to ducting system and get settled inside the duct.

Impact of Particulate Matters:

  1. Sick Building Syndrome

  2. Building related sickness

  3. And health hazard for employees who spend a lot of time in office

What can be done to improve indoor air quality?

One should ensure that duct cleaning is periodically undertaken.

How Robotic Cleaning is undertaken:

We use state of the art German made four wheels drive special vehicle, which is mounted with digital video camera, a pneumatic motor. The vehicle is remotely monitored on a 2” LCD screen, where you can find internal view of duct, by which you can find out what was the state inside the duct before & after cleaning.

The vehicle can be remotely controlled and guided by a joy stick. The control module can also record live video of the process of cleaning and can store a video of 1TB.

To undertake cleaning we use a compressor which plays an important role in cleaning activity, the compressor develops pressure of 8 to 12PSI.

The next important equipment in line is vacuum pump, the job of vacuum pump is to collect all the dust cleaned & pushed by the special vehicle.

Process to clean the duct:

  1. The process to start duct cleaning starts with removal of all the supply air & return air diffuser.

  2. Vacuum pump pipe is connected with one end of the duct and is started

  3. Robot enters from another end of the duct with compressed air pipe connected to it.

  4. Compressed air makes the wig to rotate and starts cleaning all the sides of duct internally.

  5. Because of air pressure the loosened particulate matters are being pushed.

  6. The particulate matter is being collected from other end by vacuum pump and is collected into a bin.

  7. In case of flexible duct needs to be cleaned manually to avoid any kind of damage to it, the flexible duct is removed from its place and is cleaned manually to avoid any damage to the duct.

  8. The plenum installed above AHU needs to be cleaned manually as it has a large area. A labor is sent inside the plenum to undertake manual cleaning.

  9. The removed supply & return air diffuser are manually washed and cleaned.

  10. The AHU blower fan vanes and internal of AHU is cleaned manually.

Post Completion process:

  1. Post completion of cleaning process the collected dust is disposed of.

  2. All the video recorded during cleaning process is downloaded on a CD.

  3. A detail report is prepared and shared with client along with video recording.

Scope of Work for Beyond Vision:

All points mentioned above.

Scope of Client:

  1. Provision for portable light weight ladder.

  2. A escort to monitor the work

Our Assurance:

  • Best rates

  • Quality works

  • Safe work